Cellulam Core has assembled an EXECUTIVE TEAM of experienced professionals with a proven track record of excellence and achievement. We strive to instill best in class quality, service, and value into every aspect of the organization to meet the precise needs of our customers.


Brian S. McAdam

                              Founder & CEO

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MY WHY, My Role , My Purpose:

I get asked about my “why” daily. After running a multinational company both in the USA and Asia for 21 years, I decided to create a new chapter in my life and I now wish to share what I know and have experianced with others, essintially a little give back with a greater purpose. This desire is what drove me to create Cellulam Core. I find joy in seeing how what Cellulam Core offers the medical community, can change peoples lives. and see this along with the realization of  what is yet to come with the advancement of this science.

I am here for one purpose, a “purpose” or “role” that is extremely fulfilling. I get the privilege of creating, sharing my knowledge and experiences, and in doing so creating a path to bring rejuvenation, healing  medicine to market. I believe in Cellulam Core, lives and destinies change here. I feel strongly that my role as CEO is also that of a mentor, motivator, coach and guide, to help individuals find change through rejuvenation, healing and health.


With executive leadership and management experience since entering the corporate world in 1995, and as the former President and CEO for 21 yrs of Pangaea Group, Inc. I understand not only how companies work, how innovative, cutting edge products get to market, but most importantly how the people within the company allow it grow and prosper for a purpose. I’ve lived around the world, with my longest second home being Tokyo, Japan for 8 yrs.


First and foremost I am a Foodie! My hobbies, if you call them that all are self challenging, more individualistic. I snow ski and have since I was 13 yrs old. I love anything to do with the ocean, over 100 deep open water dives and have received my master diving certification. I’m a 1rst degree black belt in Kiyokushin Karate, and studied under a master in Tokyo. Gardening…yes I said it I gardening!

When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let is destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.      

                                                                                            -Dr. Seuss


Colin A. Archuleta

Co-founder & President

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MY WHY, My Role, My Purpose:

I most recently created an International Trading Education company that gave me a very broad range of experience interacting with executives from around the world. My interest in Health & Wellness was sparked by my interactions with these executives and some injuries I sustained in a car accident in 2016. This led me to a whole new groundbreaking frontier in the Bio-science field. This has become a real passion for me to build and grow Cellulam Core with my partner & CEO, Brian. My purpose has always been to help people educate themselves so that they may independently change the way they live. I’m very excited about the role I play with Cellulam Core. It’s one that allows me to use my talents and abilities to help our team grow personally and professionally while helping others to have access to  true bio-science therapies. I am truly grateful and excited to be a part of this new medical revolution.



Starting with studying business in college to  successfully starting a handful of business ventures, I have gained knowledge and experience that has given me not only a well rounded view of the business world but also an ability to guide and mentor our employees in a multitude of capacities.  One of my primary philosophies is to always lead by example by never asking someone to do something I’m unwilling to do myself.  This belief system is at my core and I feel this has led to the success I’ve experienced over my career.  



I love to look for new ways to be of service to others. I absolutely love being outdoors... hiking, mountain biking, golfing, playing softball, playing volleyball, snowboarding, wake-boarding and most importantly spending time with my family and friends. One of my goals is to travel the world with my family.  I cherish the time I have with my family and I truly enjoy watching my grandchildren grow-up.

Surely every medicine is an innovation, and he that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils                           - Sir Francis Bacon