StemCell Therapy

 “Time, Health and wellness are the most valued gifts of life. Our bodies were created to naturally want to heal themselves through the biology of cellular regeneration. Yet science and medicine most often take the path of pharmaceuticals or invasive surgery to try to stop the ongoing damage to the body, but don't necessarily heal it. Simply we believe that these products can help to  optimize the bodies ability to regenerate and heal from within.” 

As regenerative medical therapeutics, these products help augment the body’s own restorative processes. The unique biologic structure of the amniotic tissue products makes it an ideal choice for homologous clinical use.

The name, CELLULAM CORE, simply means ”Cell” from the ancient Latin language and is the singular form of “cellula” — the meaning is profound and being true to one single cell is the CORE of our guiding mission/vision.  Those principles are an important part of what drives our company’s strength and what will continue to drive us well into the future.

We aim to always be true to the core in upholding high standards of safety, compliance, innovation and integrity and efficacy with our partners. We aim to be truthful to one another, honest with our customers, and caring toward those who put their trust in our science.